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Introducing the Shaggy Sheep Team...

Shaggy Sheep is a unique Welsh tour company that offer guided trips around beautiful Celtic Wales. Our tours have an adventure activity included making them great value and incredible fun. This years hot activities are Coasteering and Beach Horse Riding (Coasteering highly recommended) which go down well with everyone.

We of course visit the hot spots and normal tourist attractions of Wales too such as castles, lakes and cathedrals, together with areas of Wales which are off the tourist trail and parts which you would miss if travelling by yourself.

Don't let the word 'adventure' frighten you - all of our activities are for all abilities. Still, if you wish to sit out any of the activities we can always take you on a beach walk or visit a castle instead.

We KNOW Wales - We LIVE here ! So we venture down small lanes to secluded pretty beaches for barbecues and know which pubs serve the best Welsh beer !

Our victims, errr, 'guests', are from all walks of life and all ages - we welcome all of you.

We have a well-educated, well-travelled and an experienced team of guides using comfortable buses to ensure that your trip is an informative and fun experience.

Small groups = BIG fun

Our tours are FULL days, excellent value for money, enabling you to see and experience Wales to the max !

 Trust us, you will not find a tour as fun or comprehensive as ours !

Chris (Shaggy)

World travelled ex-chef turned tour guide...'Trust Your Tour Guide'




Office based (warm and dry) occasionally spotted in the local propping up the bar


When not on the slopes, seen driving tourists around Wales


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