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What others have to say...

'...Wales (my home country) is beautiful - you must visit it ! Michael, stop that...'  Catherine Zeta, LA, USA 'An enjoyable tour to me, well organised and fully packed with loads of activities!! The hiking, the castles, the coasteering and the alcohol, everything filled in the 4-day tour. Chris is nice, loads of information and stories are provided to us' Ling (Hong Kong) 'Fantastic trip! A good Wales 'sampler'...ask your guide to take you to the fish and chips @ highlight was coasteering in experience of a lifetime...make sure Chris doesn't eat baked beans before he gets on the bus otherwise it could be very unpleasant' Sandy, Australia
Thanks for an awesome trip! It was great to see Wales (smaller places) and get out of stinky, rude London for the weekend! The snow was amazing too, really made the trip. Cheers for the Tom Jones DVD, Jess and I cant wait to whip that one out with a few drinks and we promise to throw out underwear at the TV...Toni (Australia)  '...Wooaah, is this your underwear ? Listen boyo, you must visit my home town in the Valleys,, green grass of home...'  Tom Jones, Wales 'Chris, thanks for being an easy going and friendly guide. Four days flew by so quickly. Higlights for me: Big Pit tour, Pen Y Fan, drinking in Cardiff (good luck with the English birds!!). Low point: Trying to write neatly in a moving bus! The tour was top value. Keep on Sha*gging!...Jason (Australia)
'Hey Chris, thanks for a great weekend trip to Wales. We were lucky with the weather'...Anja (Germany) 'Big times thankx from POLISH mafia'...Alexandra & Monta 'Your arse looks great in ya wetsuit. Lizzie' PS I am ENGLISH!
Thanks for a great trip and tour of Wales. It's a beautiful country and nice to learn about it from a locals view. Coasteering was amazing. Lenore (Canada) Probably the wettest days of my life - as far as I can remember. Rain in Cardiff - Coasteering - misty mountains. To stay at your home was fantastic. Danke Niki. Germany Had a great time. Thanks for sharing your beautiful country with us ! Kate KY, USA
Thanks for a great Easter weekend. Wales is lovely and reminds me of NZ. Mary (NZ) Thanks for a great weekend Chris. After the Tequila on Friday night, the only thing I remember is spotted dicks and faggots. What great memories I have to tell my mum! Cheers Darren...Wagga Wagga, Australia  '...You know me, surely, the 'Crazy Chick' classical Welsh opera singer from Cardiff. I'm only 18 and worth £millions....'  Charlotte Church
Wales land of Brecon Beacons, beauty and Brains ! Enjoyed the beach horse riding. Sue (Saffa) Chris...It was absolutely briliant!! Thanks very much for making this Wales trip one of my best weekends EVER...Esther Kim (South Korea) This was one hell of a weekend! It all started from crossing the bridge into Wales. I am really satisfied with the experience I've had over the past two days. Hayashi (Japan)
'...If you're gay, stay away, as I'm the ONLY Gay In The Village....'  Dafydd, Llanddewi Brefi 'I have taken many tours, but this one was better of all. The activities planned for this tour were well organised and exciting. We did coasteering that was excellent. Another was the trekking to Snowdon.' Sandeep (India) Thanks for a great bank holiday long weekend. Cheers Jacinta. Aussie NOT Kiwi.
Dear Chris. From the moment I saw you I knew I wanted you! Las night was the best sex of my life, you're a stud!! Keep in touch. Dont make this a one night stand please!! Love from Dorothy the Sheep. A fantastic road trip. Go easy with the sheep. Raquel (Spain)  'One of the best trips that I've had in UK and probably with the best guide in UK...if you could warm up the sea a bit it would have been nicer!' Rajeev (India)


A Dylan Thomas inspired poem from the comment book...


There once was a tour leader of Wales named Chris,

Who loaded 15 Aussies and 1 Italian in a bus for sightseeing and piss,

Ruined castles, horse riding on the beach and an intro to Dylan Thomas has inspired a rhyme

Awesome coastal and mountain scenery, watching rugby with the Welsh, we've had a wicked time.

Racing up a mountain for the sake of Tom Jones and a local mine tour to boot,

Thanks so much for your insight and humour, cant wait for North Wales, will be a hoot !


Thanks for a fabulous weekend Ė it was a superb way to finish my year of travelling! Was great to meet you and everyone else in the group Ė great bunch of people! Lots of memories to cherish for lifetime, which you helped, create. Cheers. Lee-Ann (Adelaide, Australia)

Thank you for a great weekend. They always say that the tour guide and the people make the trip no matter where you go and we had a great bunch. Highlights were the horse riding and coal mine. The bus trip up was also a good way to get to know everyone. Trey and Emily (Australia) Chris, thanks for being an easygoing and friendly guide. Four days flew by so quickly. Highlights for me: the Big Pit tour, Pen-y-fan, drinking in Cardiff. Low point: trying to write neatly in a moving bus! Wales is a place of subtle beauty and low-key attractions, yet we packed a lot of great things into such a short time and the tour was top value. The Gower Peninsula on a glorious day was unforgettable. Jason (Australia)
Thank you for scaring us out of our lives on the craziest adventure tour of Wales. Iím glad we had a close up view of the backs of so many Welsh cars. We are also glad to understand the meaning of so many cryptic road signs such as the elderly pick pocketers. The donkey song was beautiful! Lots of hugs your co chief and chief back seat drivers! P.S. It was a really great weekend! Thanks! Danni and Nicole Beautiful villages Iíve never heard of and ill probably never be able to pronounce, and Chrisí enthusiasm to get us out of bed by 7.30am on a weekend, means Iíll never forget this trip!!! Glad I came and saw places in Wales I would never think to. Sam Chris thanks! Had a great time in the land of song. The weather was great and the coasteering a good one. The bus had its own tune to play and hope it keeps playing that tune for some time to come. Rob (South Africa)
Thank you so much for our awesome weekend! You managed to cram so much in but was all worth it. Brought me back in touch with my pure Welsh father. Loved every minute of it. Emma (South Africa) Chris, thanks for a fantastic Christmas experience. Wales is beautiful (but cold) and is great to see the lovely Welsh countryside and taste some traditional Welsh food. Freyja and Darrin Cheers for a cool weekend. We did heaps and Iím pooped! Was really impressed with Wales and now have lots of sheep jokes to tell my workmates!! Keep up the good work. Patrick, New Zealand
Pembrokeshire coastline walk is a must see. Wales is lovely. Kerry Thanks for an action packed weekend Ė it has been great to see a small country that has so much to offer. We loved the coasteering and the locals are great. Keep up the sheep shagging! Michelle and Kim (Western Australia) Thank you for a fabulous weekend of fun Ė we all really enjoyed your commentaryÖ even the bad jokes! We all have the Ďwarí wounds for all the fab activities that we did. Thanks for introducing us to Wales and for being a great tour guide. Vicky (Melbourne, Australia)
Had a great time on the 2006 Christmas tour. Thanks for making it a memorable one and for arranging for it not to rain! Peter Cheers for a great time, I think Iíll have plenty of stories to tell about Wales Ė and all of them good ones. Drinking brains, eating faggots and a spotted dick and being violently flushed down a toilet are but a few of the great memories thatíll be sure to last. Keep up the good work. Turtle  Loved every minute of my trip to Wales. Itís definitely ranked up there with Scotland. I will recommend Shaggy Sheep to my friends, for sure. The activities were a blast. Thanks for a lovely and memorable weekend. Tesh
Thanks for a great long weekend. Although almost dying while coasteering we all lived to see another beautiful welsh day and make it up Pen-y-fan! Lauren (Perth, Australia) Bloody good tour Ė youíve picked a really good route. Had a great time, Thanks! Troy the Boy (Australia) It was a truly memorable trip. Done a lot of amazing and unforgettable things. Places were great and very nice trying out new things. I find the hosts very warm and friendly, felt like we were in a big home and everyone was one big family. It really was amazing. Something we will treasure inside us forever. Sam and Jennifer (Hong Kong and Malaysia)
Christmas 2005 Ė by far the best Christmas Iíve had in years! You did a great job Chris and really made it a Christmas to remember. Keep on doing what youíre doing. Roxy (Sydney, Australia) To the best tour guide Iíve ever had!! Thanks for a great weekend around Wales. Elaine Thanks for a great weekend in Wales. I love your mum and dadís B&B Ė the house is beautiful and the animals are very cool. Great food and beds. You created some magic over the weekend for us all. Cheers! Laurence, honorary sheep shagger from NZ
Thanks for a great weekend Chris. After the tequila on Friday night the only thing I remember is spotty dicks and faggots. What great memories I have to tell my mum! Cheers Darren (Wagga Wagga, Australia) Thanks for the great Christmas Tour of Wale sand the first white Christmas Iíve had. Good luck and best wishes for the New Year. Brendan (Hamilton, New Zealand) It really has been a Christmas to remember Ė I have had a great few days touring beautiful Wales! Your creativity, thoughtfulness and efforts are very much appreciated! Thanks a million. Kristin (Australia)
Fun! Great combination of historic sights, interesting architecture and a small sample of Welsh life and landscapes. I never thought I would be sitting in a little pub listening to Welsh, eating faggots and watching mouse racing. I had a great time! Belinda It was a great tour! Lots of adventure and already remembrances on my mind! Loved the area! Viva Wales!!! Thanks for everything. Raja We had lots of fun in Wales and a very good company! Vanessa was impressed buy the visit to the coalmine and he landscapes. The people were all very nice. Cardiff was also really cool and sleeping in hostels was a first but interesting. It was fun for me to jump into the sea at coasteering. St Davidís was probably the highlight with the coasteering. Beautiful town! Un beso y diolch! Elena and Vanessa
Excellent tour, I would highly recommend!! Wales is beautiful and mouse racing is fun! Julie Thanks for an action packed weekend. I loved the old castles and tanks for booking the snow for us Ė it was unreal! What can I say about the faggots!Ö hmmm, very different. Thanks again, the trip was unreal. Great to get out of London. Christie, (Australia) We had a great time and agree with Ling! Wales is more beautiful than WE IMAGINED. The coalmine and coasteering were real highlights. Great scenery and excellent tour guide! Markus and Ferulle, (South Africa and New Zealand)
Itís been a wonderful adventure and a really good chance to improve our English. Coasteering was great and also the tour into the coalmine. He castles are impressive. Though we couldnít understand all your explanations, we try and imagined what you were telling us, and so we had lots of fun and laughs. Susan (Spain) Thanks for an awesome trip! It was great to see Wales and get out of stinky, rude London for the weekend. The snow was amazing and rally made the trip. Cheers for the Tom Jones DVD and I canít wait to whip that one out with a few drinks and we promise weíll throw our underwear at the TV! Toni (Australia) Thanks Chris for a fantastic action, exhausting packed weekend. Couldnít have picked a better tour leader or time of year for it. The weather was great. We look forward to doing more tours in the future. Keep up the good work! Sy and Dan (Sydney, Australia)


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