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Taste Wales

Welsh breakfast - designed to set you up for the day including cockles and laverbread (seaweed) mmmm, seaweed !

Lunch - usually consists of snacks en route - baguettes etc.

Dinner - if it's fine we'll have a BBQ on the beach or traditional British fish & chips and watch the sunset. If it's a bit rainy we'll head to the local pub and have some traditional cawl and faggots.

During the trip you will also get the chance to taste many other traditional Welsh foods such as Welsh Rarebit, Faggots, Welsh Cakes and Bara Brith. Not forgetting of course our famous Welsh lamb.

And as soon as we finish the food - bring on the DRINK !

We recommend a pint of Brain's or Felinfoel (also read Feeling Foul) to start !


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